"Are they really fighting over sandwiches and panties?"


Q: What is Hero vs Alien? How did it start?

A: HvA is my (Larry's) ongoing side project for fun. The first episode of HVA was originally filmed because it was a test for a TV pilot that got canned (didn't even get to show them the thing before the axe came down). It was such a riot making the first one that we made a sequel and it became a series. If you like Japanese Sentai or Tokusatsu, you might dig this. Otherwise you're probably going to be confused. It's basically a form of Tokusatsu fan fiction, so please take it for what it is and have fun watching it.

Q: How is HvA made?

A: It's shot during gym practices and whatever gets shot during that time period (approx 2-3 hours) is one short. Episodes are written out on a notepad that I fill up with shot lists, typically at 3 in the morning. Each episode is unrehearsed, plus the plot changes according to the cast members' availability, which makes the process far more interesting. The cast and crew are all unpaid volunteers (some who have no idea what's going on). Typically I only use between 3 and 5 people per episode to keep things moving quickly.

Q: Why does it take so long for an episode to get finished?

A: There is no budget and very little time to make these as it is purely a project of spontaneity, humor, and indulgence. HvA is a hobby, so we work on it when time and mood allows.

Q: How many episodes will there be?

A: No idea. Maybe only the ones that have been made so far, maybe more.

Q: Will there be more than 12 characters?

A: It depends whether or not we get any more done. It's a most uncertain situation.

Q: Why don't the subtitles match what they're saying?

A: It's a joke.

Q: Why doesn't HvA have it's own board?

A: There's no need. Japan Hero is a well established Tokusatsu resource site, so that was the best place to start a thread. The web doesn't need yet another message board, certainly not one based on HvA. A single thread is more than sufficient. Also, being a board administrator can potentially be one of the most aggravating jobs on the planet.

Q: Can I email you about HvA?

A: No. My email's busy enough. If you like HvA, join the board and start up some healthy discussion.

Q: Where'd you get all that neat gear?

A: Just from browsing online and looking for what I needed. I'll list and detail the gear someday.

Q: Will there be any HvA merchandise?

A: I'm not planning on it. I made a few shirts, but only for the cast.

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