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-Yeah this is totally dead.

-Still not dead.

-Not dead, not forgotten. Someday it will be finished.

-Watch this. My new purpose in life is to get my own Army of Evil (in track jackets).

-New reviewer Dragonranger and two new reviews; DX Chalice Rouser & DX Chalice Arrow.

-The first guest review has been added, courtesy of Baofu. A comprehensive look at the DX Blay Rouser from Kamen Rider Blade.
-The frontpage review/link graphics will change every time there's a new review added.

-My computer plan failed, plus I'm missing a bunch of equipment I can't afford anyway. I'm also in a particularly busy time through September. However, some online pals are going to muster up additional reviews so I can finally get around to making a substantial update. Joy!

-Okay, back from the dead. Now that my computer's in a non-nuked state, I'm going to attempt to get some editing software on it so I can edit the rest of the episodes that have been sitting around for over a year now (and for that I apologize). I'm also thinking of starting a review submissions section. But we'll see once I resurrect this place a bit.

-If you were wondering why the hell I'm busy, I guess you haven't tracked this down. Warning: Profanity in bulk quantities, controversial views, misc. offensive material.

-Hey ho. I've been trying to wrangle up some reviews for the site since editing has been waylaid for a great buffet of reasons. But otherwise things seem to have taken off... got hired on my first feature film, looks like some big changes for me from here on. I'll try to get more content for this site when I can.

-Zup kids. Sorry for the lack of activity. Everyone pick up Devil May Cry 3, I went to Japan in 2003 to work on this. I did the motion capture for the monsters and did the voices for the Cerberus, Agni & Rudra, the Zombies, and a bunch of misc. others. So everytime you kill a zombie, you're killing me. How's that for incentive? Oh and in my demo reel, all the footage of me in the mocap suit with the green lining was various bits for DMC 3. I don't have the game yet so I don't know what made it and what got cut.

-Aki just sent me this. Did I ever say I was extremely jealous? WELL I AM! ;_;

-Great news. Thanks to a wondrous benefactor by the name of Dug, I now have all the finished episodes of HvA up. Which admittedly is not many, but at least all three are there. And since ep 4's release is still unknown, I threw up my newest demo reel up for viewing (compiled for me by the hard-working and ever-suffering Sam Yu). We're going to try this for a week and see if I'm too heavy a strain on Dug's facilities or not. At any rate we may go back to ye olde one ep at once at any time because you never know what could happen and I'm not going to take Dug's assistance for granted here. So we shall see...


-Zup cats. I'm not going to be making any more HvA episodes for a long time. BUT we still have six unedited ones sitting pretty and those will be out when time allows. I'll try to get some reviews and other meaty things up in the meantime. Thanks for the patience, all ye who continue to return to this site. It may not have any new material for a while but I'll keep it maintained.


(This has nothing to do with HvA. Just spreading it around.)

-Going home for Christmas, won't be updating while I'm gone, so MURRH CHRIMMUS anna HAPPA HOIDAZ from HvA! May you all receive useful and practical things that you normally don't like spending money on but need anyway.

-Episode rotation will start again soon. Just waiting for Ep 4 to get closer to done.

-New front page! And I know you've heard this many times before, but Episode 4 should be out soon. Trying to get back into the swing of things.

-This site will be getting a slight redesign soon.

-Here's some random shots from what I'm doing now, my friend Andrew's final film for the New York Film Academy. Highly doubtful that it will get online in its full form but I plan to throw a good chunk of it into my demo.
Edit: (10/30, 11/01) Additional (bad) screencaps here and here.

What's it about? Well, we're taking part in a secret/illegal underground fighting tournament, but blue shirt is a cop and unknowingly red shirt's sister's fiance. Red shirt is a gangster who wants to earn enough money to leave the gang and the country with his 3 younger siblings. Both are searching for the evil boss (the tournament's organizer and undefeated champion), who years ago maliciously murdered the cop's dad (at the retirement party) and burned down red shirt's grandparents' deli shop (also killing the grandparents). There's also a scantily clad female news reporter (blue shirt's fiance) who gets kidnapped and a mysterious case that is being hunted down by the Triads (carrying with them a bio-engineered plague to ransom the world) and the Russian Mafia (carrying with them a stolen nuclear warhead to ransom the world) who have infiltrated the tournament. This all culminates in a massive and stylish gun battle in a warehouse/hospital/church populated by zombies and Chinese ninjas with people shooting guns pointed sideways while Xtreme snowboarding in the middle of a dove sanctuary and slow motion in excess. Oh and it's also the post-apocalyptic future.

Seriously, it's an offbeat romantic comedy with some fighting in it. Really.

-Pics of Aki (in the Red) working on SPD. Ye gods I'm jealous of that boy.
-HvA has become considerably less of a priority to everyone involved because the past months have been very busy with everybody's assorted personal malarkey flailing about manically like a hopped up geiger counter. When time and interest allow, I'll be turning this domain into more of my own tokusatsu fan site and not just solely on HvA.

-Haven't had the net for the past three weeks, nice to be back. Anyway, my editor is not doing any editing because his priorities have changed so I can't say when any of the next eps will be ready. I'll get back to rotating the current three in a bit.

-Episode 1 reposted.

-Episode 3 reposted.

-Power Brace/Zeonizer review added to Morpher Reviews.

-Episode 9 shot yesterday.
-Episode 2 reposted.

-If you're wondering where Ep 4 is, Sam's moving house so his computer is currently in a box.

-Aki's back for a brief visit before he's off to start work on PR: SPD. Bear with us as we take a moment to save the world and so forth.

-Episode 3 reposted.
-Quantum Morpher review revised.

-Episode 2 reposted.

-Faiz Driver and Kaixa Driver reviews added to Morpher Reviews.
-Techno Brace and Prism Flash pictures added to Morpher Reviews.
-Still looking for a fricking copy of XP to put in Sam's computer to get it to work again.

-Episode 1 reposted.

-Episode 3 reposted.
-The editing computer is still not functioning properly, unfortunately. Patience is a virtue! (bricked)

-Episode 2 reposted.
-Character Gallery updated.

-Origin/About page is now the Frequently Asked Questions page.
-Ohranger Power Brace pic added to Morpher Reviews.

-Due to a technical problem (read the above forum thread), I've reposted Episode 1 for the time being.

-Episode 3 reposted.
-Digimorpher review and Dynaman brace picture added to Morpher Reviews.
-New character gallery started in Other.

-Some additional information added to the character profiles.

-Episode 2 reposted. Links updated.

-Links updated.

-Episode 1 reposted. Since Ep 4 may be out soon, there will be smaller intervals between Ep repostings.
-Links updated.

-I realized today that I can rearrange half the episodes in any order and the story won't be affected, so Episode 8 is going to become Episode 6 since there's been significant interest in the new female character.
-Finally found a Dino Buckler pic for the Not Reviewed section of Morpher Reviews.

-Episode 8 shot today. Preview pic up in Episodes.
-New Alien profile pics. Cast/Crew page rearranged again. Main page rearranged.

-New character profile.
-Fiddled with the Cast/Crew page, added suit actor icons.
-Updated Wearing the HvA Masks in Other.

-Thanks to Sam's diligent efforts, Episode 3 is finally up after a 2 million year hiatus (four months, 2 million years, same difference).
-New character profile up, the other is forthcoming.
-Added new Episode 4 preview pic to Episodes.
-Pics added to Sentai Exclusives and Not Reviewed sections of Morpher Reviews.

-There was a crisis of epic proportions, thus I don't know when the hell Episode 3 will be up.

-Fuzzy preview pics for Episodes 6 and 7 added to Episodes page.
-Episode 3 edit has been finalized and will be out tomorrow (wednesday), or at the latest 2 or 3 a.m. thursday. I'm doing a live show at the premiere of Zatoichi at the Arclight Theatre in Hollywood so I may get back a bit late.

-Added new Not Reviewed pictoral, Quantum Morpher review and misc. extra pictures to Morpher Reviews.

-New Japan exclusive/US exclusive sections added to Morpher Reviews.
-New Go Brace picture added to the Rescue Morpher review.

-Added extra pictures to most of the Morpher Reviews.

-Rewrote/cleaned up small bits of the Henshin/Morpher Review page, Other page spiffed a tad
-Bit late on the Episode rotation, whups. Been busy.

-Added a Henshin Device & Morpher Review page to Other.

-Episode 3 will be out within the next 2 weeks. For real. It seems once Sam took over editing, everything around us became incredibly busy. Murphy's Law, of course.
-Preview pics moved to Episodes page

-Episodes 6 and 7 shot back to back in 6 hours. What was originally Episode 6 has tentatively become Episode 9, and the following Episode 8 was previously intended to be Episode 6. With the writing I can only take HvA one episode at a time because shooting all depends on whether or not the actors are available (which can be very inconsistent with other work coming in and people being gone periodically for whatever various reasons) so the overall story has changed about ten times by now. Keeps the process interesting to say the very least.

-Episode 1 reposted.

-Episode 3 editing 50% complete. Still need to do all the sound effects. Sam added to the Cast/Crew page.

-Episode 2 reposted yesterday. A rough of Episode 3 has finally been slapped together which I'll be going over on Monday, but we still have a good deal of audio to do.

-Episode 1 reposted. I'm gone from the 20th to the 28th, so no updates during those days.

-Good news, we're going to be making some headway on the editing for Episodes 3-5 next week so hopefully we can have Episodes 3-5 out by May.

-Episode 2 reposted.
-I've been getting some voice acting work and I'm taking a vacation later this month. No idea when the next episodes will be done (HvA is a hobby, after all).

-Some new Links.
-Gashapon collection added to Other.

-April's a really busy month for us, so I'm probably going to put off filming episodes 6 and 7 until May and wait for at least Episodes 3 and 4 to get edited before continuing. Of course predicting when that editing will get done I cannot tell or estimate, so I'll just find something to add to the Other section every week or so.

-A mess of pictures added to the Other section.

-Episode 1 reposted.

-Minor updates to the cast profiles and links.

-Ken's bogged down with work, so we're not sure when Episode 3 will be edited. Which means I'll repost Episode 1 next week and rotate 1 and 2 until we have time to work on Eps 3-5.
-New item in the Other section.

-Episode 2 available for download. (waits for bandwidth to get Rider Kicked)
-Thus, New Cast profile is also up.

-Menu changed, a bit. 'Other' page added.
-Episode 2 out thursday evening. Our plans this week were slightly botched, but all for the better as it led to me changing some storylines more comfortably. But this has already happened like 3 times.

-Episode 5 shot today. We have some spare time this week so I'm trying to shoot Ep.6 on Wednesday. Episode 2 will hopefully be up by this wednesday or thursday.

-Links jazzed up a bit. Hopefully will have Ep 2. up by next monday. Plot and dialogue! *shudder*

-Some pictures from Ep.1 added to Episodes, and footnotes
-Links section added

-Site is up. Cast and character information will be revealed as episodes are released. No links yet.