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ZG Movie List

Title Pending (2001)

Damn (2001)

Damn 2 (2001)

Damn 4 (2001)

US vs HK (2002)

Title Pending 2 (2002)

Damn 3 (2003)

Misc Shorts (01-04)

Hero vs Alien (2004)

Cha Cha Chinaman (2004)

Yeah Sure Okay (2008)

Damn 2 (2001)

Upon learning Darion “Berinjela” Brown had Wing Chun experience, Larry wrote a comedy script in a few days. Damn 2 was shot at the Oakland apartment of the three co-stars in a four hour afternoon in August ’01. Most of that four hours was laughing. Choreography was entirely done on the spot.

Cha Cha Chinaman (2004)

Cha Cha was the first collaboration between Andrew Suleiman and Larry Leong for Andrew’s New York Film Academy final. Shooting was done over four weekends in September & October 2004. The action sequences took eight hours over two nights.

Hero vs Alien (2004)

HvA was a side project produced by Larry Leong (at the height of his tokusatsu obsession) with Ken Ohara, Akihiro Haga, Aaron Toney and Sam Yu during weekend stunt practice. There was a full season planned with multiple episodes shot but by late 2004 the gymnasium closed and key members had moved on. Current whereabouts of the old tapes are unknown.

Misc Action Shorts (2001-2004)

Kid Gusto vs The Matrix (2001)
Shot and directed by Pong Yen as demo reel material for Chris Bowers.

Battle Of The Stunt Monkies 1 (2003)
A compilation of three experimental short fights shot in one afternoon.

Chase & Fight (2004)
A practice project shot in 4 & 1/2 hours with no prior rehearsals.