What is ZeroGravity?

ZeroGravity was a live performance group turned stunt team that was active from 1998 to approximately 2008. ZG is infamous for its pre-Youtube action films shot from 2001-2004 with one independent feature in 2008.

Trailer Collection

Title Pending (2001)

Damn (2001)

Damn 2 (2001)

Damn 4 (2001)

US vs HK (2002)

Title Pending 2 (2002)

Damn 3 (2003)

Misc Shorts (01-04)

Hero vs Alien (2004)

Cha Cha Chinaman (2004)

Yeah Sure Okay (2008)
Some alumni and friends on Instagram

Kerry Wong

Tony Chu

Larry Leong

Sam Yu

Aaron Toney

Ilram Choi

Ricky Lawson II

Jamel Lindsay